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This website was founded by Perpetual Motions Entertainment since more and more (starting) artists and composers of music are looking to profile themselves both nationally and internationally, but don’t know which course to pursue or how to go about this. For these and other parties, is the answer!

From now on, Perpetual Motions Entertainment will focus more on offering services to third parties, concentrating on the promotion of artists and composers of music abroad, especially in Germany, the UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and the USA.

Through the years, Perpetual Motions Entertainment has built up a very good reputation abroad, and has closely followed the international entertainment market. Because of that, we can cooperate with well-known, trusted international parties to create tailor-made promotional campaigns, varying from simple local campaigns to official plugs at large, leading international radio and televisions stations. We also provide Internet promos such as the promotion of YouTube videos, which will get you significantly more views.

Many promotional and marketing companies make promises they know beforehand they will not be able to fulfil. A look at our international promotional campaigns (see the tables on the CHARTS page) for Elektrokid, Xavier Clayton, Boy Face, TK Massive, Brianna Colette and Victoria Aitken shows that our services can produce demonstrably good results! We can offer these services under favourable conditions, but of course there has to be a reasonable budget to work with. Evident results are good credentials and they might create more opportunities, among other things.

All in all, our services can have a positive effect on a career. However, we urge you to only contact us when you are seriously interested and have a budget available. We will then discuss matters with you, no strings attached.

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